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Let Us Customize Your Flyer at No Cost!

We would like to invite you to take advantage of Ryzun’s New Customized Marketing Flyers (CMFs) or Literature. We have the ability and the software to customize your company a flyer or a brochure to meet your specific promotional needs for RyZun products. The CMF (Customized Marketing Flyer) can be any size you like, any items you wish, at any time you want to run a promotion for any RyZun product. With our new customized software, it is simple to take your company’s current logo and place on any of our promotional flyers. We can build one specifically just for you with the products you wish to run as a monthly special. Maybe you would like a flyer or brochure to lay on your counter that can be updated anytime you need to delete or add a product. Once your literature is designed, your logo and information will be placed on file for future reference.